Our aim is to empower our students to make choices for themselves. Individual needs vary based on their social, neurological and intellectual abilities and interests.

We collaborate with our students, their families, and other support networks to identify the optimum learning situation. Together, we create a customized, academic, recreational, social and vocational “curriculum” that both respects their interests and challenges them.

Activities may include for example, reading, writing and arithmetic, social, recreation, leisure and life skill development, cooking and baking, music, science, history and social studies, exploring nature and working with our livestock.

We also encourage our students to engage in the wider community in an active, hands-on way. Many of our learners work in co-op or paid supportive placements with local businesses. We also offer a comprehensive recreational programme at our local YMCA and within the variety of local municipal and provincial park settings.

Life Skills Training
Supported by understanding and experienced staff, Blooming Acres guests assist with menu planning, budgeting, cooking, cleaning, laundry and the myriad of other chores involved in operating a household and living and learning in community.

Social Skills Training
We nurture personal growth through planned and impromptu social skills instruction. Our staff is always aware of “teachable moments” for social skills enhancement. In this area we focus on communication, peer on peer interaction, independence and living in community in a respectful and productive way.

The Recreational Experience
Recreation is one of the keys to having a fun, learning experience. Blooming Acres activities include arts and crafts, swimming, music, nature, hiking, biking, days off, town-nights and of course, rest and relaxation. We are always mindful of individual, vocational, and communication requirements and provide the amount of support needed for individual success.

There are a variety of farm animals at Blooming Acres Farm. These include (always evolving) cows, goats, chickens, pigs, and even a Llama; other new animals are always arriving. We also grow our own produce and crops.

Supported by experienced staff, our guests participate in the day-to-day operation of our “not so traditional” farm. Supervised activities include gardening, barn chores, planting and harvesting crops, tending livestock, attending market and agricultural auctions, and of course, eating the fruits of our labour!

Behavioural Programmes
We match behavioural intervention to individual needs and abilities. The focus is always to reduce problematic behaviour, increase desired positive behaviour and to teach and motivate our learners to live peacefully and productively in community, with as much independence or support as is possible and required. To accomplish this we integrate programmes such as: